Most medical and Psychological experts say that masturbation has various physical and mental health benefits: STOP THIS MISCONCEPT


Avoid guilt and shame: It's essential to understand that struggling with masturbation is not a moral failing. Avoid feelings of guilt and shame, as these can be counterproductive.


Identify triggers: Try to identify the situations that lead to masturbation. Stress, anxiety, loneliness, and boredom are common triggers. Understanding these triggers can help you develop coping strategies.


Seek support: If someone is struggling with masturbation, it may be helpful to seek support from a therapist, counselor, or a healthcare professional who specializes in sexual health or addiction.


Meditation and Yoga: Practices like meditation and yoga are rooted in Indian traditions and can help individuals manage stress and increase self-control, which can indirectly help reduce masturbation.


Cultural and religious guidance: Some individuals may find it valuable to seek guidance from cultural or religious leaders who can provide advice within the context of their belief system.


Self-awareness: Encourage self-awareness and mindfulness about one's sexual behaviors and desires. Understanding why one might be masturbating excessively can help address underlying issues.


Join a support group: Consider joining a support group or seeking an online community where individuals facing similar challenges can share their experiences and provide mutual support.


Reward system: Consider setting up a reward system for reaching your goals. Rewarding yourself for meeting milestones can provide motivation and positive reinforcement.