Recession 2023 Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities: During a recession, some industries may not see wild swings in demand and can be considered recession-resistant.

The United States has experienced 33 recessions since 1854, with an average duration of 17.5 months.

The S&P 500 index has historically recovered from market downturns, with an average recovery period of 3.3 years.

Deutsche Bank’s Forecast: This major bank is the first to predict a recession in the US for next year.

Uncertain Global Economic Outlook: Due to events such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and potential supply chain disruptions caused by lockdowns in China.

The Role of Cash: Holding cash can reduce market risk and provide financial flexibility to take advantage of potential buying opportunities during a recession in 2023.

Gold prices have historically increased during recessions, as investors seek a safe haven investment.

Real estate investments, such as REITs, can provide diversification and a stable source of income during a recession.